Man in the Stands

I know, I know…

I’ve been slacking. I apologize for that. My goal for the year is to get 150 posts this year so that means I have to average about 3 a week and we’re already 3 weeks in to January. If this counts as a post, which I plan to count it, then this will be the first of the year! I stopped right in the middle of the Bowl series and that’s not acceptable. But I’m back and I’ll get things done now. After watching Alabama upset #12 Kentucky last night in Tuscaloosa, I think I might start watching some college basketball  (I usually don’t start watching until brackets come out and things get serious) so I’ll do what I can with that.

Well I just thought I’d apologize and let you know that I’m back and will do my best to get things rolling again. Oh and thanks for the folks who have been checking up on the blog, even when there was nothing new there. Until next time, which should be rather soon, I leave you with a thanks again! Miscellaneous


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