Man in the Stands

Chicago Car Salesman ‘Tie’-d Down

If, by now, you haven’t heard this story, here is the link to the full article on ESPN Chicago about the man being fired for sporting his team:

Here is a short, choppy version. Chevy car salesman John Stone was fired Monday for wearing a Green Bay Packers tie to work. This coming after the Packers beat the hometown Chicago Bears in the NFC Championship game to head to the Super Bowl.

“Honoring his late grandmother” was the reason given by Stone for wearing the tie to work. He says that she was a huge Packers fan. His boss, Jerry Roberts, wasn’t as loving that Monday morning and fired Stone stating, “If he loves the tie more than his job, he’s welcome to keep wearing it – elsewhere.”

Now I understand how this could be bad for business, especially after such a big loss. But if this went down like Mr. Stone says it did, then this was handled in the wrong way. Stone told ESPN that Roberts confronted him and immediately said, “Take your tie off or you’re ‘f-ing’ fired.” To me, that is entirely over the top! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a very competitive person but let the man wear his tie! I’m a Florida State fan who has good friends that are Gator fans and Miami Hurricane fans and sure we get at each other but it’s all in good fun.  I feel like this guy was just a poor sport about the whole thing. Sure, let him know that it’s not okay that he’s worn it but let it go. His team got the better of yours and, as they say, “that’s that.”

From the side of the story that we all got, which is the victim’s side, this almost seems like a hate crime. I think it’s incredibly stupid that this guy has lost his job over a tie, although I am incredibly proud to know that he refused to take off his tie and stood up to his boss for something so ludicrous. I did not know that people were so jealous as to take a man’s job away for sporting a team’s colors that just beat their own.

With the support of John Stone, and his tie, the Green Bay Packers will face the Pittsburgh Steelers on February 6th in Super Bowl XLV.


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