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Josh Smith Out in Atlanta?

After reading a Yahoo! Sports article today about the possibility of Josh Smith being traded and moving out of the “Highlight Factory”, I sat back and thought to myself: “Would this be good or bad for the Hawks?” Now, I’m the first person to say that the NBA is not my favorite league and professional basketball doesn’t really appeal to me but in the few games that I watched last season, including being in Philips Arena to witness D-Rose rip Atlanta to shreds, Smith was always the player I found myself complaining about most.

“J Smooth” on every pregame lineup that I’ve ever seen is listed as a forward. If this is honestly the case, then why does he feel the need to take unnecessary jump shots, mainly 3-pointers, every time he touches the ball? When he plays his best and racks up points, he’s usually backing guys down for a layup or a soft jumper off the glass. Sure he can hit the three-ball from time-to-time but he is not Dirk. He really needs to play his position and I would be fine with him staying in Atlanta to play for the Hawks but until he learns to do that, I say “good riddance and good luck.”


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