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Halting Hoops

The Washington Post published an story on Wednesday about the possibility of an NBA lockout becoming more than possibility. Labor talks between owners and players have not produced any solution to the problems their facing. Like the NFL, which has been in a lockout for almost 4 months, the two sides cannot agree on how to handle money. Their dispute focuses on “what percentage of revenue the players should receive,” a possible payroll hard cap, and “how owners should share their money.”

Few will say that they expect the two sides to come to an agreement anytime soon. SportsCorp president and founder Marc Ganis told the Post that “this one is likely to be a long lockout.” He believes that it could wipeout the entire season. The collective bargaining agreement expires at midnight on Thursday.

After reading this article and realizing how fast this was approaching, I started thinking about how this would affect me. This is what I came up with: It doesn’t bother me at all. When the NFL is roped into the picture then I really don’t care!

I’m not a fan of either two leagues. Sure, I’ll support my Falcons and Hawks but only when it’s convenient for me. The fact that they are arguing about millions of dollars, that they already have but want more of, just makes my dislike for the two organizations grow that much more. My favorite quote from the Washington Post article is from David Falk, a longtime Washington-based agent. He said, “Anytime I hear that players are losing money and owners are losing money, I wonder how that sounds to a guy who’s out of a job. It probably makes him sick. He has zero sympathy.” I will attest to that fact. It sickens me to hear these people making millions of dollars a year to play a game that they love and they complain because they’re not getting paid enough! It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Anyway, hasta la vista NBA and good bye NFL. You won’t be missed by me.


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