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Jurrjens moved down to Gwinnett

Braves starting pitcher Jair Jurrjens has been sent down to the minor leagues after a rocky start to his 2012 season with the team.

JJ has started four games this season and has an 0-2 record to show for it. Including last night’s three inning outing against the streaking Los Angeles Dodgers, Jair has totaled a whopping 16.1 innings and is carrying a 9.37 ERA to boot.

Maybe “rocky” isn’t the word to describe this start for Jurrjens. Maybe “disastrous” is better suited. Within his 16.1 innings this year, he has given up 30 hits, 10 walks, and 17 runs, all of which were earned. Opposing batter’s average against him is at .411. JJ does have eight strikeouts on his stat sheet but that pales in comparison to his other numbers.

The right-hander hasn’t just had a bad game or two, he’s been consistently bad: home and away. At Turner Field, Jurrjens has an ERA of 9.00 in nine innings. When visiting other ballparks, a 9.82 ERA in 7.1 pitched.

Braves fans all know that this is not the type of play we normally see from the five-year veteran. Especially after last season, where he had a combined ERA of 2.96 in 152 innings pitched.

Everyone would be happy to see JJ back on the mound in Turner Field later this season, but they want him to be back to himself and having another All-Star-type season.


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