Man in the Stands

What is today?

Today is the day that we get freedom back. Today is the day that America bands together to welcome back its pastime. Today ends 155 days, or 3,720 hours if you will, of suffering since the last pitch was thrown and the Giants took the World Series from Detroit in October.

For Braves fans, like myself, today is a welcome back. Today, we welcome new fans, old fans, old friends, and even the ones that we make for nine innings at a time. Today is the beginning of a new hope after five months and 27 days of wondering what might have been. Today brings a chill of over 50,000 of your best friends doing a simultaneous tomahawk chop.

For all fans, today brings with it the smell of freshly mown grass, over-priced hot dogs, popcorn and a sweet tooth that cotton candy can’t fill. The buzzing of stadium lights, the roar of a packed house, the bright smiles of young kids taking in their first game, and overwhelming joy of the parents who brought them there.

This day is one that brings a happy tear to the eyes of all those that have long awaited another first pitch. But today isn’t just another first pitch. The first pitch of this day is the first pitch of our new baseball lives. New Year’s Day doesn’t compare to today’s sense of new beginnings in the eyes of baseball fans.

Today starts a seven month joyride through ups and downs with your respective teams. Today is a day that we all celebrate as one.

Today… is Opening Day!

Enjoy it everyone! We only get one a year!

What does today mean to you? Let me know below or follow me on Twitter to chat!


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