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Mother’s Day – @smyers0019

Today is the day that we get once a year to say “thank you” to that one special person who gave us life. The one that changed our diapers, packed up our lunches, and made sure we were okay after we had fallen down.

They remain the person who wants to check on us constantly to see how things are, knowing we’ll always say ‘fine’ and sensing when we aren’t.

Today we celebrate those people who we should celebrate every day, our mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there!

A special Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, Stacey Myers. You’re the strongest person I know and a beautiful human being. You’ve always been there for me and Kristen, even when you knew we could handle things on our own. You take better care of us than we deserve. How you’re surviving an (almost) empty house with us away at school, no more games to go to, our friends constantly coming through the door, and the ever-present “what are going to eat for supper?” argument, I have no idea. Just know that we love you and that Mother’s Day is just another day to say so.


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